Tech Scaler Technologies aims to be the world’s leading provider of software products, services, and expertise for the enterprise solutions of businesses and emerging market such as Healthcare, Travel & Tourism, Retails, manufacturing and IT sectors. Tech Scaler is an India based group of IT professionals founded by an IIT Alumnus. Tech Scaler is increasingly growing in technology and expertise in the field of enterprise management to build software applications for vertical market. Tech Scaler has the ability to independently research, develop and deploy the innovative products for complex businesses to manage their day to day operations and help in achieving the greater margins of profit. Our corporate office is located in Lucknow (India).

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Our purpose is to build the unique software solutions for enterprise and data management across the industries through our creativity, innovations, expertise and high level of professionalism.


Tech Scaler visions for world class software product provider for different industries and enterprise management applications across all the major business through advanced technology and core domain expertise.


Our strategy is to continually learn the industries, research on their problems, and come up with innovative and easy to use solutions to significantly add values to the business of our clients.