Saloon Solution

Saloon Solution enables you to schedule hassle-free appointments, manage finances, stock inventory, payroll, etc, .It NOT JUST works fast and improves your overall productivity but also help you meet your own individual style in more personalized & smarter way.Configure your dashboard & keep track of results to access key matrices conveniently and hassle-free. Put a deep sense of sight into the comprehensive details by running highly-customizable reports on your daily sales, booking, and client retention.


Manage Saloon Profile

Manage customers

Manage saloon services & products

Manage purchase & their history

Manage sale

Manage booking

Manage job & their listing

Manage service Invoice

User Management& Business Reports

License Terms

1.Annual License with AMC.
2.Lifetime License with AMC.

We invite you at our Company, and we confirm that your involvement with us will be cherished by you.

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Our mission

Our purpose is to build the unique software solutions for enterprise and data management across the industries through our creativity, innovations, expertise and high level of professionalism.

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